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Περιφέρεια Κρήτης
Crete (Greek: Κρήτη Kríti; [kriti]) is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the thirteenadministrative regions of Greece. It forms a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece while retaining its own local cultural traits (such as its own poetry, and music).

Crete was once the center of the Minoan civilization(c. 2700–1420 BC), which is currently regarded as the earliest recorded civilization in Europe.[1]

Topography of Crete.

The island is first referred to as Kaptara in texts from the Syrian city of Mari dating from the 18th century BC,[2] repeated later in Neo-Assyrian records and the Bible (Caphtor). It was also known in ancient Egyptian as Keftiu, strongly suggesting some form similar to both was the Minoan name for the island.

The current name of Crete first appears in Mycenaean Greek as ke-re-si-jo "Cretan" in Linear Btexts. In Ancient Greek, the name Crete (Κρήτη) first appears in Homer's Odyssey.

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the second largest in the eastern Mediterranean Sea (afterCyprus). It is located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea separating the Aegean from theLibyan Sea.
Island morphology.

Crete is mountainous, and its character is defined by a high mountain range crossing from west to east, formed by three different groups of mountains:

The White Mountains or Lefka Ori 2,452 m (8,045 ft)
The Idi Range (Psiloritis 35.18°N 24.82°E 2,456 m (8,058 ft)
Kedros 1,777 m (5,830 ft)
The Dikti Mountains 2,148 m (7,047 ft)
Thripti 1,489 m (4,885 ft)

These mountains lavished Crete with valleys, such as Amari valley, fertile plateaus, such as Lasithi plateau, Omalos and Nidha; caves, such as Diktaion and Idaion (the birthplace of the ancient Greek god Zeus); and a number of gorges.

A large number of islands, islets, and rocks hug the coast of Crete. Many are visited by tourists, some are visited only by archaeologists and biologists. Some are environmentally protected. A small sample of the islands include:
Gramvousa (Kissamos, Chania) the pirate island opposite the Balo lagoon
Elafonisi (Chania), which commemorates a shipwreck and an Ottoman massacre
Chrysi island (Ierapetra, Lasithi), which hosts the largest natural Lebanon cedar forest in Europe
Paximadia island (Agia Galini, Rethymno) where the god Apollo and the goddess Artemis were born
The Venetian fort and leper colony at Spinalonga opposite the beach and shallow waters of Elounda (Ag. Nikolaos, Lasithi)
Dionysades islands which are in an environmentally protected region together the Palm Beach Forest of Vai in the municipality of Sitia,Lasithi

Climate of Greece

Crete straddles two climatic zones, the Mediterranean and the North African, mainly falling within the former. As such, the climate in Crete is primarily temperate. The atmosphere can be quite humid, depending on the proximity to the sea, while winter is fairly mild. Snowfall is common on the mountains between November and May, but rare in the low lying areas. While mountain tops remain snow-capped year long, near the coast snow only stays on the ground for a few minutes or hours. However, a truly exceptional cold snap swept the island in February 2004, during which period the whole island was blanketed with snow. During the Cretan summer, average temperatures reach the high 20s-low 30s Celsius (mid 80s to mid 90s Fahrenheit), with maxima touching the upper 30s-mid 40s.

The Balinese wig makers supplying Hollywood

 Step inside the everyday life of workers at a wig maker in Bali, Indonesia, with the below pictures.
Sari Rambut workshop is deep in the Ubud jungles of Bali, and has supplied wigs for some of the most high profile productions in Hollywood and on Broadway.
Orlando Bassi, originally from Switzerland, founded the company with his Balinese business partner Nengah.
He has attributed the workshop’s success to the exemplary skill and hand to eye coordination of his Balinese staff.

Pastika-Sudikerta declared winner in Bali election

The Jakarta Post, Denpasar | Archipelago 

Bali General Elections Committee (KPUD) has declared on Sunday incumbent Bali Governor candidate Made Mangku Pastika and his running mate, I Ketut Sudikerta, as the winner of the Bali gubernatorial election.
The candidate pair won 1.06 million or 50.02 percent of votes, slightly higher than its closest competitor, Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Puspayoga-Dewa Nyoman Sukrawan, who got 49.98 percent of votes, Antara news agency has reported.
Pastika-Sudikerta was nominated by several political parties united under the Bali Mandar coalition. They comprised the Golkar Party, the Democratic Party, the People’s Conscience Party (Hanura), the National Mandate Party (PAN), the Indonesia Nation’s National Party (PNBI), the National Functionary Concern Party (PKPB), the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party (PKPI), and the Great Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra).
Meanwhile, Puspayoga-Sukrawan was supported by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P).
Puspayoga-Sukrawan’s campaign team voiced their objections on the results of the vote counting, saying that the vote counts in a number of districts had showed differences.
The team, represented by Arteria Dahlan and Made Supartha, said they found a number of voters had cast vote for more than once.
They further refused to sign the vote count results in four regencies, arguing that Pastika-Sudikerta was engaged in vote buying. They demanded a vote recount at the polling stations.
KPUD Bali said however, their refusal would not affect the final decision.(asw/ebf)

BALI members celebrate Chelsea success

By Matthew Appleby Tuesday, 28 May 2013

BALI members at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show have been rewarded with a haul of six gold, three silver-gilt and three silver medals.

Willerby Landscapes achieved gold for the East Village Garden and the Brewin Dolphin Garden. Landform Consultants were also awarded two golds – for the Homebase Garden and the RBC Blue Water Roof Garden. The Garden Builders achieved a Silver-Gilt Flora for the SeeAbility Garden and The Outdoor Room and Bartholomew Landscaping were each awarded Silver Flora for ‘Stop the Spread’ and Stoke on Trent’s ‘Story of Transformation’ respectively.

Success in the Artisan Gardens came from J & S Scapes who were awarded a silver for the ‘Get Well Soon’ garden, and in the Fresh Gardens category, Peter Dowle achieved gold for the dramatic ‘After the Fire’ garden.

BALI Affiliate (supplier) members’ products included Quercus Fencing, who achieved gold for their joint exhibit in the RHS Environment section in the Great Pavilion ‘125 years of vegetable growing’.

BALI Training Providers Capel Manor College and Sparsholt College Winchester each achieved silver-gilt for their exhibits.

BALI chief operations officer Wayne Grills said: "Chelsea is a wonderful opportunity for our designers and contractors to showcase their work to prospective clients and for our affiliate members to demonstrate their products within the show gardens. This year’s event has been a great success for our members across the board and I congratulate every one of them on behalf of all BALI members who indirectly benefit."

Bali needs better cyber defense system

The Association of Internet Service Providers (APJII) has warned that Bali’s tourism and other business sectors are prone to cyber-related crime and disturbances, thus in need of a better defense system.
 Due to the data connection being via underwater fiber optic from the neighboring island of Java, it is highly prone to disruption, thus data defense is urgently required.
 “Seventy percent of data communication uses underwater fiber optics, which is prone to all kinds of disturbance that could disconnect the entire system,” Arnold Makasau, the association’s supervisor, said on Tuesday during a focus discussion held by the Defense Ministry in Denpasar.
 According to the association’s data, most system users are tourism businesses and small and medium enterprises.
 In Bali, he said, cyber-related disturbances took the form of cyber crime, such as false transactions and child kidnapping through internet communication.
 The rising trend in cyber crime has been triggered by the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia, up from 121 million in 2010 to 124 million in 2011. The number of internet users worldwide is expected to reach 2 billion.
 Giri Satriya, head of network division at the Defense Ministry’s Directorate General of Defense Potential, said that Indonesia was very prone to cyber-related threats due to the high number, 59,000, of domains but weak protection.
 The increasing use of cyberspace in all aspects of life had further increased the threat to a level that could harm the country’s defense. Therefore, the ministry was developing a national cyber defense system to anticipate the possibility of cyberwar in the future.
 “A cyberwar could cripple national government operations and performance. That’s why we are developing a defense system against cyberwar, like the one that has been developed by the US, China, Russia, the UK, North Korea and India,” Giri said.
 Those countries have already established cyber troops to protect their important infrastructure and private sector, including electricity companies, banks and telecommunications.

British mother who feared execution in Bali home after spending 12 months behind bars

British mother who feared execution in Bali to return home after spending 12 months behind bars over drug crime

  • Rachel Dougall was accused by death row grandmother Lindsay Sandiford of being part of a drug smuggling syndicate
  • She was jailed for a year after Indonesian drugs squad officers raided her home and found two small packets of cocaine
  • Her partner Julian Ponder remains behind bars serving a six-year sentence over the discovery of the drug
Released: Rachel Dougall, 38, is to return to the UK after serving a 12-month sentence in Bali for failing to report a drugs crime
Released: Rachel Dougall, 38, is to return to the UK after serving a 12-month sentence in Bali for failing to report a drugs crime
A British mother is expected to arrive back home tomorrow after spending 12 months behind bars in Bali for failing to report a drug-connected crime.
At one stage Rachel Dougall feared she would face the firing squad after British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford - who is herself on death row - accused her of being part of a British ‘gang of four’ involved in a major drug smuggling racket.
Miss Dougall, 38, was released from the notorious Kerobokan prison today and, local officials said, was immediately deported.
She is expected to join her parents at their home in Brighton, where she will be re-united with her seven-year-old daughter, Kitty.

RI was home to Atlantis, says geologist

 Hans David Tampubolon, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | National | Tue, May 28 2013, 9:33 AM
  Needle in a haystack: A field worker sifts through what is left of an ancient structure at the Gunung Padang megalithic site, about 60 kilometers southwest of Cianjur, West Java. The structure, which many believe was older than the Egyptian pyramids, has been used as evidence that an advanced civilization had existed in the country long before the rise of other ancient civilizations. Kompas/Andrean Kristianto
 A manuscript from the era of ancient Greece backs up a claim that the lost continent of Atlantis was part of pre-historic Indonesia, a book written by an Indonesian geologist concludes.
 In the book, titled Penemuan Atlantis Nusantara (The Discovery of Atlantis in the Archipelago), Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) geologist Danny Hilman claims that the condition of pre-historic Indonesia is consistent with the description given by Plato in the classic dialogues on Atlantis, Timaeus and Critias, which makes the country the perfect location for the lost continent.
 “Where was Atlantis? It definitely was not in the Mediterranean region, which includes Europe, Turkish-Asia and Egypt. All these Mediterranean candidates, including Crete-minoan, Cyprus etcetera, do not fit the description of the location in Plato’s dialogue,” Danny says in the book.
 Based on Plato’s description, Atlantis was located in a land with a tropical climate and abundant natural resources, including herbs, fruit and horticultural plantations. The land was struck by continuous rainfall some 11,000 years ago and was later submerged by floods.
 “It does not take a genius to pinpoint where Atlantis was. Let us open the world map and find out by ourselves which region fits Plato’s description. There is no other choice but the ‘Sundaland’,” Danny says, referring to a region that covers Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan.
 He said thousands of years ago, these islands were joined as one giant continent before most parts were subsumed by the sea.
 “Sundaland fits 100 percent with the description of Atlantis in Timaeus and Critias. Sundaland, 11,600 years ago, was a large peninsula that extended from the Asian continent. All of the characteristics [of Atlantis], including animals, plantations and natural mineral resources described in Critias are exactly the same as that of Sundaland,” Danny said.
 Danny is the first Indonesian to publish a book claiming the existence of Atlantis in ancient Indonesia. Previously, two foreign scientists — Stephen Oppenheimer from Britain and Arysio Santos from Brazil — had published books on the possibility that an advanced civilization existed in ancient Southeast Asia.
 However, many doubted the claim.
 Yogyakarta-based Gadjah Mada University (UGM) archaeologist Daud Aris Tanudirjo said that it was premature to conclude that Atlantis was once part of pre-historic Indonesia.
 “More research needs to be conducted. What we have so far are merely interpretations of an old manuscript, which can differ from one person to another,” Daud told The Jakarta Post.
 “Researchers in the Mediterranean have also used the same basis to claim that Atlantis was part of their region. We have to be careful because the similarity of descriptions contained in a manuscript with real life events or conditions does not always mean that it accurately describes a certain location,” he added.
 Daud also questioned the validity of Danny’s claim because the latter only used a translated version of Plato’s dialogue manuscript.
 “Did he [Danny] have the capacity to read or comprehend the original manuscript, which was written in latinized Greek? Sometimes, a translation can have a certain bias,” Daud said.
 Speaking during the launch of his book, Danny said he had only read the English version of the manuscript.
 Regardless of the criticism, Danny stuck to his guns.
 “The story of Atlantis in Plato’s dialogue was based on facts, not fiction. This claim has been confirmed by Solon, a well respected Greek legislator who lived 150 years before Plato,” Danny says in the book.

Bali is top destination in SE Asia

Most foreigners visiting Bali say the island remains their favorite destination in Southeast Asia, a recent survey conducted by the provincial Tourism Agency has found.

 Of the 1,000 respondents, 41.1 percent said the island was their priority for vacations compared to other destinations in the region.
 Following Bali, other preferred destinations are Thailand (20.9 percent), Singapore (15.4 percent), Vietnam (7.2 percent), and Malaysia (5.7 percent).
 Discussing satisfaction with their vacations, 53.5 percent of the respondents said they were very satisfied, 39.5 percent said they were satisfied, while 5.8 percent said they were quite satisfied. Only 1.2 percent said they were not satisfied.
 The survey also showed that 59.5 percent, both first-timers and repeat visitors, wished to return to Bali for their next holiday.
 Most of the respondents, 61.7 percent, were first-time visitors.
 Agency head IB Kade Subhiksu said the survey results were quite encouraging, considering that the respondents were foreigners from countries including Australia, China, South Korea, the UK and the US.
 Even so, he said, Bali should continue to diversify and improve the quality of its tourism products. He also pointed out that it was crucial to handle complaints immediately amid tighter competition with other destinations and the presence of new destinations.
 “There are many new destinations in Southeast Asia. We have to build sustainable tourism and continue to provide new and unique attractions.”
 Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, from the provincial tourism promotion board, said that although Bali was only a small part of Indonesia, the island was more popular globally as a tourism destination than the country itself.
 “Indeed, Bali has huge potential to attract tourists from all over the world. We have to aim for a more precise and sustainable market.”
 Ukus Kuswara, secretary general of the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, said Bali was the main tourism gateway for Indonesia and had always been compared to other international destinations.
 “The island has a very broad range of complete products as a tourism destination. It is our common responsibility to preserve the island and develop it sustainably for the future.”
 Kresna Teja, head of the Australian market division at the Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies Association (Asita) in Bali, said that the island was like a second home for most Australians, not only because it was located closer to Australia than other destinations in Southeast Asia but also for the island’s many scenic beaches that had always been Australians’ favorite spot.
 “Bali’s unique culture is also a main attraction for them. Besides, it is very accessible from Australia, both by air and sea. The island is a regular route for many cruise ships as well,” he said.

Indonesia Mosques Banned from Amplifiers

Indonesia Mosques Banned from Amplifiers

OnIslam & Newspapers
Wednesday, 29 May 2013 00:00
Indonesia, mosques, loudspeakers, noise
Indonesia will ban mosques from using loudspeakers to broadcast sermons
CAIRO – The Indonesian government is planning to ban mosques from using loudspeakers to broadcast religious sermons, following complaints of noise by residents living near worship places.
“We’re discussing the technical detail and the concept,” Jusuf Kalla, head of the Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI), was quoted as saying by The Jakarta Post on Wednesday, May 29.
The umbrella body said discussions are underway to ban mosques from using loudspeakers for religious sermons and Qur’an recitation.
“If it is for Adhan, it’s alright as everywhere in the world the mosques use speaker for Adhan,” said Jusuf, a former vice-president of Indonesia.
“Adhan is a call for people [to pray] and the duration is only three minutes.”
There are nearly 80,000 mosques in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country.
Indonesian mosques often use loudspeakers to raise Adhan as well as broadcasting Qur’an recitation and religious sermons.
The use of loudspeakers becomes further extensive in the holy fasting month of Ramadan, when Muslims dedicate their time to be closer to Allah through prayers, self-restraint and good deeds.
But the high sound carried by the speakers has triggered complaints from many residents, especially those living near mosques.
In February, an Indonesian man won a lawsuit against a local mosque in Banda Aceh over noisy speakers.
However, the man was forced to withdraw his lawsuit after threats from radicals.
Officials admit that the use of loudspeakers by mosques have become a disturbance for many residents, including Muslims.
"We must not force something that we believe is good on others who may see it as a disturbance," said Masdar Masudi, deputy head of the Council of Mosques.
"Even Muslims, such as those who are ill or have insomnia, will definitely get annoyed at the noise."
He said that mosques can only use loudspeakers within their premises for sermons.
“If people come to the mosque it means they need to hear the sermon, but it’s not clear whether anonymous people outside the mosque need to hear it or not,” he said.
“People outside might not agree with the fiery preaching.”
Masdar also argued that the use of amplifications in broadcasting sermons would reveal the “secret of Islam.”
“If it’s being heard outside, it would strip us naked. People will know all the good and bad information about us.”
Mosque loudspeakers have sparked debates in a number of Muslim countries over the noise caused by the amplifications, particularly during Ramadan.
Last year, Saudi authorities banned small mosques from using loudspeakers to call for prayers during the fasting month.

Hong Kong Is Not Worried If Home Prices Will Drop 20%,

Hong Kong Is Not Worried If Home Prices Will Drop 20%, TVB Says
 By Stephanie Tong and Billy Chan
 A 20 percent decline in Hong Kong property prices won’t “worry” the government, TVB news reported yesterday, citing an unidentified government official.
 Even if property prices fall 40 percent in the long run, the government is confident that there won’t be a large amount of negative-equity cases like in 1998 and 2003, the report said.
 A shortage of housing, low mortgage costs and a buying spree by mainland Chinese have led home prices to more than double since the beginning of 2009, shrugging off repeated attempts by the government to curb gains amid an outcry over affordability. Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, who took over in July as head of the government, on Feb. 22 imposed his toughest yet property curbs by doubling the stamp duty on all property transactions higher than HK$2 million ($257,609).
 Hong Kong home prices have fallen 2.3 percent since the February measures, according to an index compiled by Centaline Property Agency Ltd. Mortgage lending has declined to a “trough,” He Guangbei, chief executive officer of BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Ltd., the city’s largest home loan lender, told reporters yesterday.
 “We do not comment on reports attributed to sources,” Leo Law, a spokesman for transport and housing bureau, said by telephone today.
 Extended Decline
The official’s comments underscore that the government was unlikely to withdraw its cooling measures, Macquarie Capital Securities Ltd. analysts David Ng, Raymond Liu and Jeffrey Gao, wrote in a research report today.
 “This stance is needed to reinforce a growing consensus that, not only will prices drop further in the near term, but also unlikely to rebound aggressively in the medium term,” the analysts wrote.
 During the city’s last property crash, real estate values tumbled 70 percent between 1998 and 2003 when confidence was damped by the Asian financial crisis, the 2000 dot-com bubble, Sept. 11 and the SARS epidemic.
 The number of mortgages in negative equity -- where apartments are worth less than the balance of the owners’ loans -- peaked at the end of June 2003 when the slump ended. Home prices have more than tripled since then, according to the Centaline index.
 To contact the reporter on this story: Stephanie Tong in Hong Kong at
 To contact the editor responsible for this story: Chitra Somayaji at

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Bali News Editor Off To Crete on Overnight Cruise

Bali News Editors Travel. 

Today I am off to Crete on a overnight nine hour ferry trip. I booked a first class cabin hoping I will get a good nights sleep.

According to Wikipedia Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the thirteenadministrative regions of Greece
It forms a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece while retaining its own local cultural traits (such as its own poetry, and music). 

Crete was once the center of the Minoan civilization(c. 2700–1420 BC), which is currently regarded as the earliest recorded civilizationin Europe.

The island is first referred to as Kaptara in texts from the Syrian city of Mari dating from the 18th century BC, repeated later in Neo-Assyrian records and the Bible (Caphtor). It was also known in ancient Egyptian as Keftiu, strongly suggesting some form similar to both was the Minoan name for the island.

The current name of Crete first appears in Mycenaean Greek as ke-re-si-jo "Cretan" in Linear Btexts. In Ancient Greek, the name Crete (Κρήτη) first appears in Homer's Odyssey

Greece and Crete
View of Psiloritis
View of the Ha Gorge
Main article: Geography of Greece
Crete is the largest island in Greece and the second largest in the eastern Mediterranean Sea (afterCyprus). It is located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea separating the Aegean from theLibyan Sea.

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Bali News & Views 2013-5-24

2013-5-9 Bali News & Views
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Lawrence Bellefontaine at Bali News & Views - 15 hours ago
I am very proud and honored to accept a Certificate of Excellence from the worlds largest Hotel rating web site Tripadvisor on behalf of our 145 staff. We sincerely appreciate the time and trouble that our guests put forth to fill out Tripadvisor's Guest Satisfaction surveys and give us a 93 % rating on this prestigious web site for our Bali Emerald LuxuryVillas which is our main resort in our Bali Luxury Villas in Sanur. According to Tripadvisor this award places us in the top 10 % of the thousands of Hotels and villas worldwide. Add this accolade to the fact that we recently r... more »

Professional Travel Tips to Save You Time And Money.

 Once again a little over a week ago I have embarked on my annual European Sojourn. I decided to travel light this year and did not bring my huge lap top with me which has the capability of running the massive Dragon voice recognition program allowing for keyboard free dictation so I will spare you the long articles I usually publish. If you have read my blogs or newsletter postings over the last decade you know that I have discovered many tricks that will allow you to save plenty of money and time while at the same time ... more »

Lawrence Bellefontaine at Bali News & Views - 17 hours ago
BY WASTI ATMODJO ON 2013-05-23 Tourism stakeholders in Bali should be able to retain Australia as the largest contributor of foreign tourists to the island, travel agents have said. During the last few years, Australia has contributed the largest number of tourists to Bali, exceeding areas including Europe, the Americas, ASEAN, Africa and the Middle East. In 2012, Australian tourists accounted for 28.49 percent of the total 2,892,019 foreigners visiting Bali. Europe (comprising around 50 countries) contributed 22.14 percent, ASEAN with 9 countries contributed 12.85 percent, Afr... more »
Lawrence Bellefontaine at Bali News & Views - 17 hours ago
Adam Liaw Ibu Oka is often cited as having Bali’s best babi guling, or roasted suckling pig, though some disagree. Depending on who you ask, Bali is either a relaxed tropical paradise rich with art and culture, or a once-beautiful island now irreparably spoiled by the tourist dollar. But regardless of their opinion of Bali’s development, one thing locals, visitors and critics alike can all agree on is the allure of its cuisine. Ayam betutu, or Balinese chicken, a version of Balinese duck dish bebek betutu More In Around the Table With a predominantly Hindu population, Bali’s local... more »
Lawrence Bellefontaine at Bali News & Views - 6 days ago
By CNN Staff May 16, 2013 -- Updated 0519 GMT (1319 HKT) Rescuers and investigation officials inspect the wreckage of the Lion Air 737-800 in the days after the April crash. STORY HIGHLIGHTS • Preliminary report did not outline cause of the Bali crash • Issued several safety recommendations to Lion Air around pilot training • Plane missed runway, landed in water in April (CNN) -- A preliminary investigation report into last month's Lion Aircrash into the sea off Bali has called on the budget carrier to implement several safety and pilot training recommendations. The report by Indones... more »
Lawrence Bellefontaine at Bali News & Views - 1 week ago
Indonesia correspondent Michael Bachelard says it's unusual for asylum seekers to dock in Bali, where 61 people are engaged in a stand-off with police. Police removed the remainder of the asylum seekers waiting on a boat at Benoa port in Bali to sail for Australia, but the mystery of why they were there in the first place remains. Police took the remaining 61 passengers off at about 4am AEST after the boat, originally carrying 96 sailing from Bali and trying to get to Australia was stopped outside the harbour on Sunday morning. But Bali water police chief of operation unit Rai Suand...more »
Lawrence Bellefontaine at Bali News & Views - 1 week ago
BY NI KOMANG ERVIANI ON 2013-05-11 Despite the fact that construction on the Simpang Siur underpass at the Dewa Ruci intersection in Kuta is only 98 percent complete, it has been undergoing trial operations since Wednesday. “This opening of the underpass is aimed as a trial traffic operation prior to the official opening ceremony,” Hendro Satrio, the project’s executive officer, told Bali Daily on Wednesday. The trial operation of Simpang Siur underpass would start with north to south routes connecting with Sunset Road on the way up to the Ngurah Rai Bypass, which leads to Ngu... more »
Lawrence Bellefontaine at Bali News & Views - 1 week ago
BY WASTI ATMODJO ON 2013-05-11 Companies, individuals and organizations overseas are required to pay a minimum monthly wage of US$1,000 if they want to employ spa therapists from Bali. Supported by the National Agency for Overseas Labor Placement and Protection (BNP2TKI), the Bali Agency for Placement and Protection of Migrant Workers (BP3TKI) has issued this newest regulation on the placement of spa therapists from Bali, dated Feb. 14, 2013. I Wayan Pageh, head of BP3TKI Bali, shared with Bali Daily that the regulation had been issued to provide adequate legal protection for mi... more »
Lawrence Bellefontaine at Bali News & Views - 1 week ago
"The Indonesian economy is growing and this has increased demand for both business and leisure travel." Acting Senior Vice President Marketing Planning, Ms Lee Wen Fen 07 May 2013 - Singapore Airlines will significantly boost Indonesia services from July, with the introduction of daily flights to Surabaya, and an increase in frequency to the capital Jakarta and the resort island of Bali. From 26 July, SIA will take over one of two daily Surabaya flights currently operated by regional subsidiary SilkAir. Surabaya is the second-largest city in Indonesia and the capital of East Jav...more »
Lawrence Bellefontaine at Bali News & Views - 1 week ago
In January of this year I predicted that Hong Kong real estate bubble was about to bust. CNN just flashed news that Hong Kong Property Sales Down 60 %. Another of my real estate predictions is coming true . In the mean time one of my properties just sold with a 900 % profit in 8 years in Bali Paradise Beach Estates. Starting at Rp 400,000,000 ( $39,000) per are ( 100 m2) for beach front they are still very affordable The good news is these properties will probably still go up another 100 % in next 3 years.
Lawrence Bellefontaine at Bali News & Views - 1 week ago
Satria Sambijantoro, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta Bank Indonesia (BI) will start publishing the Jakarta interbank spot dollar rate (JISDOR) on May 20, a new rupiah reference rate that the central bank expects to shield the rupiah against speculators playing in offshore rates. “The new reference rate can be used as a reference for banks in their forex transactions,” BI Deputy Governor Perry Warjiyo said on Friday at his Jakarta office, referring to the new JISDOR rupiah reference rate. The rate will be based on the compilation of rupiah rates against the US dollar submitted by all ...more »


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Safest Investment - Bali Real Estate
As I have been predicting for the past 10 years throughout the world wide recession and current ongoing fears of European economic collapse Bali real estate has not only been one of the best performing investments in the world but also the safest with not one down year.MORE INFO & PHOTOS
"We just rented this Villa for a net after commissions of $36,00 per year leaving a net profit of around $30,000 year or over 17% per annum."

Those of you that know me well are aware that I have been one the most successful real estate developers and managers in Bali the last 10 years. Having built and sold three major developments and now on my fourth which is my crown jewel... needless to say Bali real estate has been extremely profitable for me. What's frustrating right now is the amount of great deals I see in what I believe will be the hottest area of Bali the next five years. As I already have a substantial investment in a beachfront project I can either wait until I...more »

ONLY $169,000
Indulge yourself at your own private five-star © Bali Luxury Suite
Live your dream. Own a large luxurious three bedroom 80 m2 (800 sq. ft.) luxury suite in one of the most desirable, prestigious, residential areas of Bali.
Great Investment:
Most of the current Villa owners are self-made millionaires. They all have one thing in common; they know a good investment when they see it.
When you say, you own one of our © Bali Luxury Suites others will acknowledge that you own one of the premier Suites available in Asia.

This © Bali Luxury Suite is located in the famous Emerald Villas   
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Wake up to the sound of crashing waves, a magical view of the sun rising over the Channel Islands to the east and the stunning 3,000 MTR. (10,000 ft.) Mt. Agung,
Volcanic Mountain from your own Bali Paradise Beachfront Estate. Estate A3 Just Completed:
It is a huge 350 m2 (3,767 Sq Ft.) first class estate on over 450 M2 (4,900 Sq Ft.) of land with stunning ocean, Mt. Agung & green zone views. Four Bedrooms aAvailable in Limited Offer. up to 75% discount ... more »
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Snowing In Bali by Kathryn Bonella IMAGE 1 of 1 The cover blurb: “The incredible inside account of Bali’s hidden drug world” certainly does this book justice, and also helps to explain the cryptic title 23 May 2013 | Iza Grek The author has done her homework and there are times when she has you feeling like you’re on the island as an eyewitness to the deals going down. The writing has the feeling, almost, of reading a diary; such is the intimacy of the text. What the criminals get away with is jaw-dropping, as is the wealth that they amass from their occupation. As she... more »

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