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Selamat Kuningan

 Bali prepares for the end of a ten day holiday that marks the most important festival of the year.
On Wed March   27th   Bali – Balinese welcomed each family’s ancestral spirits who returned to the family home for a 10-day celebration of good over evil. Known as ‘Galungan’,
On Kuningan Saturday, April 6th. their ancestors will return to their heavenly abodes.

Bali News Sanur _ Unclear beach rules causing disarray

 Sanur  beach has long been a favorite weekend haunt for Denpasar’s residents. 
As the old saying goes: “Where there’s sugar, there are ants” and Sanur Beach has for years attracted a growing number of people, predominantly locals, to make a living from the bustling tourism along the stretch of white sandy beach best known for its spectacular sunrises. For many newcomers, with some eventually residing in the area, the daily intimacy with the aliv... more »

Bali News -Malcolm Scott- "Bali Raw" - Australian Author has two Opinions on Bali

Editors Note: Malcolm Scott, an Australian released a book recently  which a gained a lot of bad press especially for the west coast communities of southern Bali.
Last year he was interviewed with a much nicer take on Bali ( See Below) .
One only has to wonder what took place to change his mind so much.
Perhaps a scorned girl friend half his age or a drunken episode with locals which Australians are famous for.
There are several such negative writers on the net, most of which are down on Bali because they were stupid,  did not follow common sense and were taken advantage of as they wo... more »

Visitors invited to extend their Bali vacations

 The Bali provincial administration and figures in the tourism industry are inviting tourists to stay longer when holidaying in Bali to boost income and hotel occupancy rates. Putu Budiasa, head of the Denpasar Tourism Office, said the number of visitors coming to the city and other parts of the island had been increasing in the last few months, but hotel occupancy rates remained quite low. Budiasa said that the average length of stay of visitors from Europe, America and Asia was between nine days and two weeks. Many stayed around seven days in Sanu... more »

World Hindu youth leaders gather in Bali

 Denpasar Hundreds of Hindu youth leaders from 13 countries gathered on the predominantly Hindu island of Bali for a two-day conference to discuss issues related to the future of the ancient religion. “We are here to work together to see what we can learn from each other, from different countries, how we can work together across the globe. How we can share ideas, how we can share solutions,” the coordinator of the conference, Bhavin Davdra, said during the opening ceremony of the conference on Friday. The conference was organized by Hindu Stude... more »

Reality gets the better of rhetoric in Bali as NGOs left out in the heat

March 27th 2013 Reality gets the better of rhetoric in Bali as NGOs left out in the heat Though outreach has been the watchword of post-2015 talks, NGOs were initially refused entry to the convention centre CSO no-go … Soldiers stand guard in Nusa Dua, Bali. NGOs were initially denied entry to the post-2015 talks. Photograph: Sonny Tumbelaka/AFP/Getty Images In opening the UN high-level panel talks on Wednesday morning, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia, one of the co-chairs, spoke of the need to emphasise inclusive growth, equity, environmental protection, peace, se... more »


Bali- The merits of freehold property are obvious

Editor's Note: As the article below points out many foreigners are utilizing Bali's leasehold laws to obtain control and possession of Bali properties without actually having direct ownership. As one of the very first major leasehold developers in Bali we are very experienced in leasehold ownership having sold over 55 ©Bali Luxury Villas utilizing long-term leasehold contracts. Our owners have up to 50 years usage of the property with the possibility of extending another 25 years. Once a lease is signed on a notarized agreement in front of an official government Notaries it become... more »

Bali’s real estate sector is experiencing feverish land-buying

Editors Note: This independent article below confirms what I have been predicting for over a decade. Twelve years ago in my local real estate newspaper column I stated "Bali is Hawaii 30 years ago". I predicted that Bali real estate, which had risen steadily each year primarily because of local population growth was going to see new demands from foreign buyers who after the end of the Suharto dictatorship felt more comfortable obtaining control of Bali real estate investments . I was the first one to coin and trade mark "Bali Luxury Villas" and became one of the largest and m... more »

In Bali, rich foreigners are sparking a property frenzy

Editors Note: Lately it seems as if almost weekly international articles such as the one below are being published about Bali's current rapid rise in property values .I'll remind my reader that I was one of the first people in Bali 12 years ago, before any of the companies below even existed, to say " Bali would see exponential growth for real estate prices in the future"The current amount of money pouring into Bali is phenomenal . I just sold one property that is up over 1,000 % in 9 years.Normally I would be skeptical of such a fast rising market but so long as prices of large p... more »

Exciting Beachfront Estate Investment:

Wake up to the sound of crashing waves, a magical view of the sun rising over the Channel Islands, and the stunning 3,000 MTR. (10,000 ft.) Mt. Agung, Volcanic Mountain from your own Bali Paradise Beachfront Estate.
"Only problem is you never want to leave home"


Safest Investment - Bali Real Estate

As I have been predicting for the past 10 years throughout the world wide recession and current ongoing fears of European economic collapse Bali real estate has not only been one of the best performing investments in the world but also the safest with not one down year. MORE INFO & PHOTOS
"We just rented this Villa for a net after commissions of $36,00 per year leaving a net profit of around $30,000 year or over 17% per annum."

Earn Huge Profits with Little or no Risk.

Those of you that know me well are aware that I have been one the most successful real estate developers and managers in Bali the last 10 years. Having built and sold three major developments and now on my fourth which is my crown jewel... needless to say Bali real estate has been extremely profitable for me. What's frustrating right now is the amount of great deals I see in what I believe will be the hottest area of Bali the next five years. As I already have a substantial investment in a beachfront project I can either wait until I... more »


ONLY $169,000
Indulge yourself at your own private five-star © Bali Luxury Suite
Live your dream. Own a large luxurious three bedroom 80 m2 (800 sq. ft.) luxury suite in one of the most desirable, prestigious, residential areas of Bali.
Great Investment:
Most of the current Villa owners are self-made millionaires. They all have one thing in common; they know a good investment when they see it.
When you say, you own one of our © Bali Luxury Suites others will acknowledge that you own one of the premier Suites available in Asia.
This © Bali Luxury Suite is located in the famous Emerald Villas in the quaint resort area of Sanur which was the first beach resort on Bali decades ago and has developed into a unique community of boutique hotels such as the Bali Hyatt and brand new Intercontinental and Regent five star resorts. A villa in the same complex is owned by the S/E Asia director of arguably the most prestigious hotel chain in the world. Another is owned by the head of the largest divisions for one of the four largest companies in the world. All owners are very satisfied with the rental returns and quality of our construction and services. Emerald Villas was recently ranked most popular in Sanur on the world’s largest hotel web site.
For Photos and Details click this link



© Bali Luxury Villas Reports Record High Occupancy in March - Up 15 %

As President and Director of © Bali Luxury Villas I am very happy to announce that while most hotels and villas in Bali are recording large drops in occupancy due to current price wars we recorded a 15 % higher occupancy in March 2013 than last year, with average an occupancy of 72 % .We thank our thousands of both new and repeat satisfied guests who have trusted us to provide them with huge, first class luxury villas, with superior staff and services. AS our slogan says "Far Better than you expected "On behalf of all of us we thank all our new and repeat guests for your patronage.... more »

Bali's Premier Beach Resort Introductory - Up to 75 % Discount .

Four Bedroom Luxury Estates starting at $341 ++ or $85 ++ per couple
Wake up to the sound of crashing waves, a magical view of the sun rising over the Channel Islands to the east and the stunning 3,000 MTR. (10,000 ft.) Mt. Agung,
Volcanic Mountain from your own Bali Paradise Beachfront Estate. Estate A3 Just Completed:
It is a huge 350 m2 (3,767 Sq Ft.) first class estate on over 450 M2 (4,900 Sq Ft.) of land with stunning ocean, Mt. Agung & green zone views. Four Bedrooms aAvailable in Limited Offer. up to 75% discount ... more »
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You may also call Yuni at or call her at +623617425922 , or main office at +62361284069.
Recent Review From Trip Advisor Regarding our © Bali Luxury Villa Rentals


Australian Sandra Cindy Sheed held in Bali jail after stealing car

 Sandra Sheed is being held in a Bali prison. AN Australian woman faces up to seven years in a Bali jail for stealing her ex-boyfriend's car and emptying his apartment, police in Indonesia said today. Sandra Cindy Sheed, 42, is being held in Denpasar Jail after confessing to the theft of the car, a bed, and electrical items including a large-screen TV, DVD player and five speakers, said Denpasar Police Commissioner Ambariyadi Wijaya. Ms Sheed was charged on Sunday after her Australian ex-boyfriend, Stephen Black Well, returned ... more »


Balinese tourist police provide security with smiles

 When hearing the word “police”, some may hold an image of stern, militaristic officers with thick mustaches. In Bali, that is not the case. In Bali, you can find uniformed men and women with friendly smiles for visitors who will even invite you to drop by their cozy station, if you are lucky enough. It is odd, isn’t it? These are the Bali tourist police personnel. In southern Bali alone, which includes Denpasar municipality, Badung and Gianyar regencies, the Bali Police have around 130 personnel assigned to this special security division with the In... more »



I love Bali: The acidic truth

 One of the lesser discussed but major environmental factors is the change underway in the oceans’ level of acidity, measured by pH. The stability in the oceans’ pH value has in no small way contributed to the massive diversity of animal and plant life tropical seas, such as those surrounding Bali, support. Thirteen years ago, American marine biologists Joan Kleypas and Chris Langdon published the Overview of CO2-Induced Changes in Seawater Chemistry following extensive research in the waters around the island. They stated that geological record... more »

Bali will soon be rabies free:

Observing that almost a year has passed since the last rabies case reported, the provincial administration expressed its confidence that the island would soon be completely free of rabies. The latest rabies case occurred last April. To be acknowledged with the status “rabies free”, Bali has to have two consecutive years without a single occurrence of rabies in either animals or humans. “It could be possible that Bali will be free of rabies because the last rabies case found in a human was last April,” head of Bali Health Agency I Ketut Suarjaya sa... more »



Bali News - Is Indonesia the New China

" Is Indonesia the New China? ".I have been saying for years that Indonesia is not a 'Rising Tiger " but is a roaring Lion" Yesterday the Jakarta Stock Exchange Index Hit a new high. A news commentator on Bloomberg Financial news said " Is Indonesia the New China? ". " Is Indonesia the New China? ". The answer is yes if Indonesia hires professional marketing, advertising and management consultations. Why I say that is that every country throughout history has become successful when they have the most important feature, “A burning desire”. Take America in the late... more »



Bali - Sanur- Indonesian President SBY keeps a firm grip on the Dems

Editors Note: Indonesia's popular President S.B.Y. is currently visiting Bali at a conference for his Democratic Party just a few minutes from our BaliLuxury Villas and Bali Paradise Beach Estates. Too bad he is is not eligible to run again for President as he has done the best job of any President since the original beloved President Soeharno. During his two terms in office Indonesia and Bali have overcome terrible economic conditions after the downfall of the Suharto Dictatorship and is now the fourth largest country in the world with 200,000,000 citizens who are prospering be... more »




Bali News - Crystal Ball Very Accurate for 1st. Quarter 2013 - Second Quarter Predictions

 In late December 2012 I stated “My crystal ball worked very well last year with over 85% of my predictions coming true.  It's gone into overtime this year already with 67 % of my recommendations coming true ( See Chart Below) I said in early January “Yesterday, even before the house finally voted on the Fiscal Cliff bill I blogged “U.S. House Passes Fiscal Cliff Bill - Great way to start new year. Most markets should rally. “ Boy did they rally. Most indexes rose dramatically. The US markets outperformed most in the first qtr. with the up D.J.I.A. up 11 % and the S&P 500 up almost... more »


Bali News Avoid Personal Hell Back Up Your Computers, Tablets & Smart Phones

Editors Note: Avoid Personal Hell of Losing Everything on Your Computer. It has been my observation that the amount news reports of hacker attacks on many web sites, companies and government agencies has increase over 1,000 fold recently so it not a matter of if but when they attack your laptop, tablet, PC or Smart phone. When they do you not want to lose years of files and perhaps more important years of photos of friends, family, lovers and travel. I have concluded that with the amount of photos I take I will religiously back everything on my computer every week. Recently I no... more

We are very proud of our villas, staff and

 services at Bali Luxury Villas in Sanur

We are very proud of our villas, staff and services at Bali Luxury Villas in Sanur stating at $99 ++ per couple . We are rated with the very highest in Bali with 8.7 rating out of 10 rating on and just received this very nice testimonial this morning on trip advisor.
Here are just a few of the testimonials regarding our Bali Luxury Villas for rent starting at $99 ++ per room per night.
To obtain information or make a booking email or call +62-816297720 or +62-361-284069.

“Wow factor!”
Reviewed March 10, 2013 NEW
We stayed in the villa with three bedrooms and that was so great.

The other thing is that you have personnel walking around cleaning the pool and cleaning the house. Nice but also a bit much.
The other thing that was shocking is the lack of flexibility apparently the villas all have different owners, I had an emergency at home and was upset the day that we left and we had asked a couple of hours extra in the villa before departure t the airport but we were charged full on for only 3 hours. I find that shocking.
But the villas are never the less amazing
Stayed February 2013, traveled with friends
nurse-suey Launceston, Australia.


Bali-News Andy Murray up to second after Miami final win over David Ferrer

Editors Note: Andy Murray's win in Miami means he moves to No 2 displacing Roger Federer to # 3 and Nadal to NO 4 . First time Nadal or Federer have not been in top two spots since 2003,ten years . I look forward to seeing them all live in Paris in June. Tennis players dream come true.  Britain's Andy Murray battled past David Ferrer in a gruelling final to win his second Miami title and regain the world number two ranking. The Scot, 25, saved a match point on his way to winning 2-6 6-4 7-6 (7-1) for his ninth Masters title. Murray recovered from ... more »


Bali News - Shroud of Turin Believed to be Christ on TV

One of the most famous religious relics has been displayed during a broadcast on television in Italy and around the world. The Shroud of Turin is believed by many to be Jesus Christ's burial cloth. The Vatican says the display of the  Shroud of Turin on TV  is the parting gift from departing Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who signed off on the showing. But it was Pope Francis who introduced the 90-minute global television event and linked the shroud to Jesus Christ. Al Jazeera's Hoda Abdel-Hamid reports from Rome. VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Shroud of Turin went on d... more »

U.S.A should make 3 dimensional effigy of Kim Jong-un andgenerals, blow them apart

I think U.S.A should make 3 dimensional, life size effigy of 28 yr old N. Korea leader Kim Jong-un and all his generals and then video tape U.S. Solders blowing them apart with hand held laser guided missiles . See how he likes that rhetoric. If you cut off the head of the Snake perhaps this fanatic nation will come to their senses. All I can say if Nukes start flying thank god we are almost in the dry season when the wins come form the east and we should not be effected by nuclear fallout. If I was China I would seriously review how the fallout would effect them if U.S droppe... more »

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