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Bali’s crime rate one of the lowest in the world:

Bali’s crime rate one of the lowest in the world:

Recently Bali law makers’ chastised the current Bali governor Pastika by saying “that criminal activity on the island was out of control”.

I agree with Governor Pastika's reply “any criminality in Bali is quickly internationally publicized”. Bali's small amount of crimes is blown out of proportion by the press. They like to pick on Bali like they do public figures because we have been rated the “Best Island in the world” for seven out of the last eight years including this year.

In the future it is inevitable that the amount of crime will increase as the population grows and tourist arrivals continue to set new records. But I do believe that the percentage of crime to population and tourist arrivals will decrease as

Bali police develop new modern techniques such as the recent addition of tourist police to most of Bali’s popular beaches. I guarantee you that Bali’s strict drug laws, with harsh penalties, including death sentences keep our drug related crimes at one of the lowest levels of any major resort areas in the world.

From personal experience living here for 13 yrs I feel safer than any of the other numerous Islands around the world I have visited including a three year cruise through the south pacific and across Australia .
I don’t worry about my 85 yr. old mother walking the streets of Sanur even in the early evening because if someone assaulted her the Balinese would immediately beat the hell out of that person.

As a Director of three major villa complexes I often proudly state that during the six years we have operated we have never had a report of a theft by our guests from our staff. I doubt that even in my own country Canada you could find that king of track record.

If I was Governor Pastika I would gather crime statistics from every other major resort island in the world and compare it to ours. I would be very surprised if we did not rate the lowest crime rates of any of them especially for violent crimes. Bali is one of the safest places in the world in general when you exclude extraordinary events such as the bombings seven years ago.

We are fortunate to have Pastika govern Bali because he received international acclaim for his excellent police skills in apprehending the Bali bombers. His first hand experience at police work should provide Bali with a more professional modern police department in the coming years keeping Bali safe.


From Bali Update WebSite:

Bali: A Victim of its Own Success

Governor Pastika Reflects on Rising Crime Rates in Bali and His Efforts to Keep Bali Safe for Tourist Visitors.

Bali News: Bali: A Victim of its Own Success
(10/31/2009) Bali's governor Made Mangku Pastika has responded angrily to accusations from Bali lawmakers that criminal activity on the island was out of control. Pastika's administration has set for itself a goal of creating progress, security, peace and welfare (Bali Mandara) for the island and, according to the governor, if criminality is detracting from those goals it is appropriate that such threats be resolutely confronted.

Bali's Chief Executive told Radar Bali that all crime, especially a recent bank robbery, must be solved as quickly as possible. And, if those charged with the crime evade apprehension, police should not hesitate to use deadly force.

Pastika said: "This is a bank robbery; it's no longer (just) the robbery of bank customers. The police must quickly arrest the culprits. This is absolute."

The Governor, a retired Chief of Police in Bali, specifically named the assistant Chief of Police in his demand for quick arrests of the robbers who have soiled Bali's reputation.

Speaking on the same occasion, Pastika also touched upon the numerous cases of robberies carried out on motorists whose vehicle tires are first punctured, blaming specialized groups of criminals in Bali as responsible for such acts.

The governor sail that any criminality in Bali is quickly internationally publicized. As one of the world's leading tourism destinations, any problem touching on the lives of foreign visitors will always draw international attention. Recalling his tenure as Bali's Chef of Police, Pastika related how because a tourist visitor had lost a wallet with the equivalent of US$5 and Visa Credit Card, the incident had to be reported to New York because of the lost credit card.

Continuing, Pastika said the recent robbery and murder of a Japanese tourist, followed by a bank robbery, and the theft of money from a Japanese motorists had "been widely discussed internationally." Adding: "The dead Japanese was a hot topic overseas. Also the problem of rabies. Thus, if there are wild dogs they must be killed. Don't wait to be bitten, it's terrible with somebody has died (because of a dog bite)."

Pastika ascribed the growing level of crime in Bali to the island's success which has attracted many newcomers and transients.

Insisting that his office remained committed to creating a safe environment for Bali residents and visitors alike, Pastika said his office is coordinating enhanced security measures with all the relevant branches of government, including the military and the police.

Police investigators have made an arrest in the case of the murdered Japanese woman and report that they now have the identity of a suspect in hand in connection with the recent bank robbery.


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